Measuring What Matters

Electric cars, the latest in big screen LED, and retail pop-ups are all hot this week.

For all the chatter about "Big Data" there are two problems to fix before you reap the results: How do you gather that data? And are you asking the right questions once you do?

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Why Pop-Ups Are Getting Even More Popular

Not pop-ups for your trade show booth, but retail spaces. @ChadKaydo reporting, and he’ll be on the #EventTech twitter chat next Thursday at 5pm Eastern!





25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry

Most marketing people regard these kinds of posts as cheesy link bait. We don’t care, Liz King is on the list and we like her.

Also chafing is the word "Meetings" not being centered in the logo.





Measuring What Matters To Your Conference

A good article talking about the difference between data exploring and answering useful questions.






Tesla Model 3 to challenge BMW 3 Series

Also explains why Ford is trying to kill sex.





Latest In LED Event Display Technology

Sample video of the latest, be sure to bump the player to full screen and HD!




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