Holiday Hangover

Not as much news as usual thanks to last week’s holiday here in the states, but some videos worth watching.

App adotion always makes our list, some great lightshows, and of course some pyrotechnics!

Also in this issue The #EventTech Podcast features Tim Holladay talking with @gadgetboy about Crowd Mics. 

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John J. Wall (@johnjwall)
VP Marketing


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9 Tips to Increase Event App Adoption

We’ve seen event app adoption all over the map - from 30-90%. Some pointers on increasing your score.




Tim Holladay, Co-founder of Crowd Mics on #EventTech Podcast

John Federico (@gadgetboy) talks with Tim Holladay (@timholladay), Co-Founder of Crowd Mics about what’s next in microphones, and the challenge of selling “software as hardware”.




Lights, Lights, Lights, Action! A Crazy New Light Projector

Getting more interactive with a projector. This beats the hell out of PowerPoint bulleted lists, that’s for sure.




Fireworks Filmed with a Drone

Fireworks. Drones. No need for me to speak further. What are you waiting for?




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