The #EventTech Digest - July 1, 2014 -

Action! Adventure! Big Data!

In celebration of a holiday weekend in the U.S. learn about generating big data at the leading tourist destination.

NFC action, a chance to get on a boat or a motorcycle, and a pile of free event planning resources. If this week’s newsletter had a director it would be Michael Bay!!!

Also in this issue The #EventTech Podcast features Nancy Zavada talking with @gadgetboy about green and sustainable events. 

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VP Marketing


PS: There will be no #EventTech Chat this week as nobody wants to stay late on July 3rd. We’ll be back Thursday 7/12 at 5p Eastern time. Tune in to the hashtag to participate, or stop in on the Google Hangout.

Next Generation Attendee Tracking from Disney
Disney has made a billion dollar investment in pioneering guest tracking. Read where it’s going.



NFC In Practice
Near Field Communication (NFC) has had the hype, check out some examples of it in use at an event.



Nancy Zavada, Principal & Founder of MeetGreen on #EventTech Podcast
John Federico (@gadgetboy) talks with Nancy Zavada (@nancyjzavada), Principal & Founder of MeetGreen about event technology and sustainability.



I’m On A Boat!
A web based service that can help you out if you’d like to have your next event on the water.



Corbin’s Excel Meeting Planning Tools
Corbin Ball is a past #EventTech podcast guest and hosts this excellent collection of event spreadsheets and other tools. A great free resource.



Harley-Davidson is Making an Electric Motorcycle
If a boat is not adventurous enough for you, maybe you’d like to check out an electric bike cool enough for the next Avengers movie.



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