The #EventTech Digest - June 13, 2014 -

WiFi More Important Than Food

The joke is wireless as the new bottom level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Any serious #EventProf has had a day where they’d trade a meal for a quality internet connection.

Articles on MiFi messing with your WiFi, and a possible peer to peer solution.

Also in this issue The #EventTech Podcast with Garth Koyle and Seth Shoultes, Founders of Event Espresso. Learn how event registration for WordPress is easier than ever.

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John J. Wall (@johnjwall)
VP Marketing

Measure the Social Success of Your Event in Real Time
Interesting article on tracking social media for an event that gets 3,000 tweets per hour.



25 Eye Catching Trade Show Stands
If you’re responsible for booth design add this one to your “swipe” file for some great ideas.



The #EventTech Podcast: Garth Koyle & Seth Shoultes, Founders of Event Espresso
John Federico (@gadgetboy) talks with the founders of Event Espresso about: The pros and cons of owning and running your own event registration vs. using a registration service; How to save money on the cost of event registration; Why WordPress is a solid choice for running your event web site.



How MiFi Screws Up Your Meeting
Did you know that multiple individual WiFi system in a meeting room or on the trade show floor can wreak havoc on your event WiFi solutions? It’s all about channels.



Could New Apple Tech Eliminate Event Network ‘Black Spots’?
Peer to peer networking in the latest version of Apple’s iOS operating system that might have an equal impact on the events world - mesh networking. This is essentially an ‘off-grid’ technology that enables users to make direct contact with others within range of their smartphones.



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