See It To Believe It

Photgraphy and Video continue their relentless pursuit of the “next big thing”. Check out the hottest in projectors and some great photography tips if your doing event photos on a budget.

Also learn what event managers have on their tech wish list, and the inflection point on event apps is here.

Also in this issue The #EventTech Podcast with Vova Platof, CEO and Co-Founder of Penxy. Learn how Penxy makes recording, presenting and monetizing event sessions easier than ever.

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Why HD Projectors are Vital to Conference Venues 

Primary source reporting on the very best HD projector money can buy, top of the range HD Panasonic PT-DX13k


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7 Things Event Planners Want From Technology Now 

Chad Kaydo (@ChadKaydo), BizBash’s former editor in chief and the founder and editor of The X Letter, writes about the demand side of #EventTech


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The #EventTech Podcast: Vova Platov (@vovaplatov), CEO & Co-founder, PenXY 

John Federico (@gadgetboy) talks with Vova Platov (@vovaplatov) about capturing, distributing and monetizing conference presentations using PenXY.


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Delegates Expect Event Apps 

Ok, if you’re not on the Event App Bus you’re going to have to start wearing the “Laggard” nametag.

Meeting planners said event apps are important because attendees expect to have them. The survey also found that more events in North America (63%) than Europe (50%) have an associated mobile app. The majority of planners surveyed (60%) have used a mobile app at an event in the last two years.


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Hiring an Event Photographer: What You Need to Know 

Great post covering the key points requried from an event photographer.


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Video - 7 Camera Hacks 

Some fantastic camera tricks - how to make a dolly, lightbox and other tricks for little or no money!


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