The #EventTech Digest - June 19, 2014 -

Apps, Trends and Even Clothes

We cover the full gamut this week from clothing and the World Cup all the way up to App adoption.

As the summer slowdown descents upon us the blogosphere content gets weaker than ever, but fear not! The Digest brings you the few gems for the week!

Also in this issue The #EventTech Podcast with Mike McAllen talks Grass Shack Events & Media, The Meetings Podcast, EventCamp, and more. 

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How 5 Different Event Apps Succeeded in Winning Over Attendees

What? A blog post with 5 case studies and some data on increasing app adoption instead of some vague generalizations from a "guru"? Some thought provoking ideas on gamification and more.





Top 10 Event Trends of 2014

3D, RFID and more in an easy to digest Top 10 list that has us checking in on what’s hot at mid-year.





Mike McAllen of Grass Shack Media & Events on The #EventTech Podcast

John Federico (@gadgetboy) and John Wall (@johnjwall) talk with Mike McAllen (@mmcallen) about Grass Shack Events & Media, The Meetings Podcast, EventCamp, and more.





How to Dress for Event Success!

Fashion rarely makes it into #EventTech Digest, but this article does have a killer tip: have your most expensive labor wear something like a red shirt so you can easily monitor who should be sent home when the time comes. 





Top Tech for Finding People at Live Events

Do you spend valuable time on the show floor telling people what booth you’re next to? Is your team having trouble finding you at the keynote session? Here are some Apps that work!





Mandatory World Cup Story


It’s unavoidable, but at least this is entertaining:




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