The #EventTech Digest - May 28, 2014

It’s All About Numbered Lists.

Although you may be sick of the numbered list trend online (no, #6 DIDN’T take my breath away!), these lists buck the trends and are actually very useful.

Although consolidation in #eventtech has been the forecast for 2014, analytics are coming up over the horizon as more and more actionable data becomes available.

Also in this issue The #EventTech Podcast with Midori Connolly (@avgirlmidori). Learn how she quantified tech decisions for events and hear about green event tech.

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PS: The next #EventTech Chat will be Thursday 5/29 at 5p Eastern time. Tune in to the hashtag to participate, or stop in on the Google Hangout.


The Science of Event Planning: The Right MetricsA great list of more than 15 metrics to track to determine how successful your show really is. 




Top Five Tips for a Pain-Free Onsite Registration and Check-In
If your show isn’t big or hot enough to let somebody else take care of the hard work of running registration, check out this list of simple pointers that can help you avoid headaches and angry attendees.



The #EventTech Podcast: Midori Connolly (@avgirlmidori), Chief AV Girl


Learn how @avgirlmidori created a formula for deciding to use a particular technology at your event. Also coverage on green event tech.




14 Things You Can Tweet About At A Trade Show


Twitter is the easiers way to promote your event while it’s going on. Use this list to create your procedures of tweets that must be sent during the event to let everyone know they missed out and need to be there next year!




25 Ways to Cut Booth Costs


A booth is like a corporate home - a money pit! Here are some great ideas to get your event budget to go farther.




Bert Comes Out as Anti-Tech


Stop snapping selfies and look up at the spectacular world around you. Zachary Levi and Sesame Street’s Bert know that a day in the park doesn’t need a filter.




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