Size up the room. Then make it smaller.

Sometimes, you may want to book a venue that’s a bit off the beaten path. And sometimes, that venue doesn’t even know what it’s true dimensions are.

But you can.

Check out a mobile that will help you measure the size and shape of a room just by tapping the walls. Sure, it’s targeted at home owners, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it for site selection.

Also in this issue: large rooms can make it difficult for your audience to participate in the form of questions or comments. Wireless mics work, but they’re expensive to rent and operate and passing them around the room wastes precious time.

What if your audience could use their smartphones as a wireless mic?

Now they can - in this week’s episode of The #EventTech Podcast, I talk with Tim Holladay, Co-founder of Crowd Mics about their smartphone microphone solution and their trial-by-fire launch at a major tech conference.

Until next time,

John Federico (@gadgetboy)
CEO & Co-founder


The #EventTech Podcast: Tim Holladay (@timholladay), Co-founder of Crowd Mics

John Federico (@gadgetboy) talks with Tim Holladay (@timholladay), Co-founder of Crowd Mics. Full Transcript to follow


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Checklist: 12 Things to Consider When Creating Your Event App

“Create a user-friendly, information-rich app for your next meeting or conference by asking the right questions up front.A dedicated mobile app is now essential for large meetings, conferences, and trade shows, allowing attendees to manage their experiences on the go and eliminating the need for printed materials.”


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RoomScan app creates floor plans just by tapping walls

“Shopping for furniture? Need to figure out how much paint you need for a living-room makeover? Planning to sell your house? These and other activities can benefit greatly from having a floor plan, but who’s got time to draw one? You do. RoomScan for iOS creates floor plans just by tapping your phone or tablet against each wall.”


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