Social Discovery for Your Professional Event

Connecting People-to-People-to-Opportunities.

The number one reason that people attend professional events is to meet others. Help your attendees meet more of the people that are important to them at your next event.

You’ve secured excellent speakers who are going to deliver insightful presentations and panel discussions to your highly desirable audience, and you’ve attracted some of the best sponsors in your industry.

But how are you going to ensure that leads are generated, deals get done, recruits get hired and partnerships get forged?

You provide your attendees with Qrious service.

Your event will be the talk of your industry. People will register for your future events in hordes. The ROI on attending your event will skyrocket.

Most importantly, your attendees will leave your event feeling that they’ve gotten value from the time and money they spent to attend, sponsor or exhibit – and they’ll tell their friends and colleagues, making your next event even bigger.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Qrious Social Discovery connects People to People to Opportunities. It’s attendee intelligence in your pocket.

After attendees and sponsors connect their social networks to Qrious, we tell them who to meet - and why - using their role, goals for the event, existing social nets and specific business interests.

If you’ve connected your registration system to Qrious and an attendee has connected their social networks, they’ll receive recommendations immediately - on the web and on their iPhone or Android smartphone.

Qrious supports the native web browsers on iPhone and Android devices. Native apps are coming soon.

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