Event Tech

The #EventTech Podcast: Corbin Ball, Founder & Principal, Corbin Ball Associates (@corbinball)

In this episode, I talk with Corbin Ball (@corbinball) about trends and the future of EventTech at the Plannertech conference. http://youtu.be/3ZbzvFCnFKo

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The #EventTech Podcast: Willie Litvack (@WillieLit), Co-founder of SquadUP

In this episode, I talk with Willie Litvack (@WillieLit) about Millenials and Native Registration for your events. I had some lighting problems in this episode - namely, the sun - but Willie was a gracious guest.

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The #EventTech Podcast: Midori Connolly (@avgirlmidori), Chief AV Girl

In this episode: Learn how our guest created a formula for deciding to use a particular technology at your event The importance of having - and being - a mentor How to practice Green AV at your next event

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